You’re great & so is your blog!

“Sometimes you stumble and fall, sometimes you lose and quit. But the obstacles you face are insignificant compared to the inner spark you possess. Embrace this spark and someday you too will fly high like the beautiful butterflies.”: Ifreen Raveen

Ifreen Raveen, a prolific writer whose work is a blend of delineated imagination & many stimulating ordeals that one can find extremely formidable to live in. Tainted Hues is more about how life takes unexpected turns & why it becomes just inexplicable to turn on your voices against the oddity that you see around yourself. Her inner workings of mind show the limitless & endearing story of how Kashmir has survived through dreadful nights. The tenacity in her work reflects & subtly highlights the real life experiences that refuse to be a part of violence.

This young lady, Ifreen who has just started a blog, has four pieces of writing up & three have already touched me. It is as wonderful as it took time away from my dinner & dozen of other things that I could be doing & so she is one of the intriguing bloggers who hold some of my interests. I just want to use this medium to strongly recommend all of my 815 followers to have a look at her remarkable piece of writing & follow her. I staunchly believe that her writing aligns with my core values & hence despite the fact that I resist recommendation, I’m asking you people to go on & read her.

Thank You!

Author:- Tejas Bramhecha  Copyright © 2016


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  1. This is such a sweet gesture. Thankyou so much Tejas. 🙂

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    1. miraclewings says:

      You’re welcome Ifreen Raveen☺. Keep visiting me. Thank you for swinging by miraclewings!

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  2. Mansi gade says:

    I totally agree. She is amazing. 😘💜

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    1. miraclewings says:

      & what about me 😂😂😘


    1. miraclewings says:

      Thank you Aishwarya for swinging by Miracle Wings. Please keep visiting me!


  3. Hey, I have nominated you for three days, three qoutes challenge. Inspire others with qoutes that inspires you. You may not accept this challenge.
    For details visit
    Spread happiness, happy blogging 😊

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    1. miraclewings says:

      Hey Pushpendra! Thank you for your nomination. I’m glad that visited my blog.

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